January 18, 2018

Here are the comments from Radiologists recently placed by MPS

“MPS is a wealth of sage information about the radiology job market. They guide you through the process and present you with only the most promising and suitable positions. They then follow up and are quite thorough and professional. After just conversing with my MPS recruiter for a few minutes, I realized he is head and shoulders above the typical recruiters who give cold calls and know little about the practices they are pitching, let alone the radiology market. His non-aggressive, personable approach makes a huge difference for both employers and recruits.”

Neuroradiologist, California

“Thank you so much for working with me to find a great job match in my backyard. You did an amazing job of finding a job close to home with the basic requirements of no call and subspecialty service which is not easy to find. The background information and the research you did about the employer and feedback from their other employees went beyond the call of duty. Thank you so much for making the search easy and quick (three weeks from the initial call to interview and signing).”

Women’s Imager, California

“It was a great pleasure working with MPS during my job search. It took only two weeks from my initial contact with my MPS recruiter to signing the contract for a wonderful job in Baltimore, MD. I found my MPS recruiter to be completely reliable and an ultimate professional in dealing with me and the hospital staff. He was always prompt with follow-ups, and he readily tackled ongoing issues with uncanny ability to resolve them in a timely fashion. His easy-going and likable personality is a plus to his ability to bring agreements to the negotiating table.”

Senior Diagnostic Radiologist, Baltimore, MD

“During my job search process, I came across MPS and that is the best thing that happened to me. At our initial communication on phone, my MPS recruiter exactly knew what I am looking for and tailored the search accordingly. He was a real professional, communicating with me in a timely manner and making the whole process much easier. It appeared like he has great hold with the potential employers and acted as a fruitful mediator until everything got worked out. I undoubtedly recommend MPS to anyone in need of an ideal job.”

Diagnostic Radiologist, Pennsylvania

“I am a radiology resident in my final year of training. My experience with MPS through Phil has been great. I was presented with opportunities that well matched my expectations. In a short amount of time I was able to find the practice opportunity that I felt was right for me. Phil has always been available to answer my questions and concerns. I have been very pleased with the MPS organization.”

Diagnostic Radiologist, Southern California

“I worked with MPS during the 2nd half of my Radiology Residency. My goal was to obtain a job in the general location where I grew up and where my wife and I want to raise our children. My recruiter was very open, knowledgeable and encouraging. I was very impressed with his knowledge of the medical environment in the location where I wanted to practice. He set up multiple informational meetings with very attractive practices in a major metropolitan city and ultimately helped me land what I consider to be the perfect job for my situation. I highly recommend MPS. I hope you have the same experience that I did. Good luck and start early.”

Diagnostic Radiologist